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Thursday, 16 August 2012


Worried by the unprecedented rise in armed insurrection, religious insurgency and sundry terror-related crimes without any effective remedy in sight, a democracy inclined Non-Governmental Organization- HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS' ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA [HURIWA] has advocated the creation of state and community policing institutions to replace the existing near-moribund Nigeria Police Force[NPF].

Conversely, the group also called for the creation of a national bureau of investigation similar to the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation and national policing ombudsman office to oversee the running of the state and community police in matters of crime investigation before prosecution to safeguard the new policing institutions to be created from political interference and abuses by the state Governors.

In a statement signed jointly by the National Coordinator Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko and the National Director of Media Affairs Mss. Zainab Yusuf, HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA [HURIWA] said the creation of these two policing institutions to replace the Nigeria Police Force is necessitated by the historical facts and evidence that the Nigeria Police Force as currently constituted has systematically failed to carryout effective proactive, scientific and forensic-based crime prevention, protection of the civil populace from criminals and crime fighting thereby exposing Nigeria and the citizenry to the horrendous regime of terror-related violence. The group said that some good operatives from the current Nigeria Police Force should be collapsed and recruited into the new bodies to be created to give Nigeria the best and most effective Policing Institutions while those found wanting should be dismissed and rehabilitated after thorough disarmament and debriefing sessions.

The Rights Group dismissed the political apprehension raised by the Northern Governors forum and the retired Inspectors General of police who kicked against the overwhelming opinion of the majority of Nigerians for the creation through legislative process of state and community police for Nigeria and stated that the creation of a national ombudsman to supervise the investigative duties of the proposed community and Sate police would prevent insider abuses and other politically motivated control of the proposed policing institutions by politicians at the state and local government levels. The group said all over the World whereby state and community police are in existence there are scientific body of proof to show that crime fighting is easier, nearly error -free and indeed prospective criminals are dissuaded from committing crimes because they are aware that the chances of apprehending them and obtaining quality convictions in the competent courts of law is more than impressive.

On the proposal for the creation of a national bureau of investigation, the Rights group stated tha the time is ripe for an independent body of untainted experts in criminal investigation to be set up and equipped with modern state -of- the arts forensic laboratories and facilities to detect and arrest criminals and also stop would -be terrorists from tormenting and terrorizing the civil populace as is the case in most parts of Nigeria occasioned by the existence of a moribund, less than professional, inefficient and ineffective policing institutions. HURIWA condemned the inability of the security operatives to decisively defeat the armed Islamic rebels because of total lack of commitment and poor fighting materials, good intelligence and motivation just as it called on the Government to take workable action before Nigeria goes into full blown civil war. 

HURIWA also suggested that State Police was necessary so as to properly secure the international borders of some Nigerian states that have been identified as gateways for smugglers of firearms and weapons of mass destruction that are now deployed to commit atrocities across the country. The Rights group said the workings of the proposed state and community policing structures should be coordinated by the National Bureau of Investigation to prevent them from abuses and from endangering national security.

"We are shocked that the old Inspectors General of Police are speaking in condemnation of the proposal for a state police when they were the same people that ruined the current Nigeria Police Force. The former Inspectors General of Police were the same persons who messed up the Nigeria Police Force and have endangered the national security because of the fact that an underarmed Police force is unable to withstand the formidable attacks of armed insurgents. These former Police bosses should cover their faces in shame and allow the democratic aspiration of majority of Nigerians for a state police to see the light of the day. If Government is in doubt then it can organize a national referendum to ascertain the proper views of real Nigerians on the proposed State Police and community Police." 


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