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Thursday, 31 August 2017


As a way of contributing to the promotion of the principle of accountability and transparency, officials of the Federal Inland Revenue services (FIRS) should be deployed to police headquarters and state commands to take inventory of donations and cash payments made to Nigeria police Force by corporate bodies and individuals.
Besides, the Rights group has resolved to send a letter to the Federal Minister of Health Professor Isaac Folorunsho Adewole to urge him to partner with the National Assembly to introduce a legislation banning the sale of cigarettes to teenagers by ensuring that when in doubt, cigarettes' sellers should demand for birth certificates from the customers before selling as is the practice in most developed societies. The group said this policy will check health hazards and reduce incidents of social maladies.
The pro-transparency and non-governmental organization –HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (HURIWA) made the observations on the need to post officials of Federal Inland Revenue Services to the Force headquarters and police state commands against the backdrop of the allegation that the inspector General of police Alhaji Ibrahim Kpotum Idris diverts at least N10 Billion monthly generated from sundry payments by crude oil companies, Embassies and rich individuals to the police for deployment of armed security operators to work for these patrons.
HURIWA recalled that Bauchi born Senator Isah Hamma Misau alleged that 50,000 policemen are attached to oil companies, banks, and private individuals with regular payments made to the police authorities even as these monies are estimated to run into billions of naira and are diverted.
In a media statement calling for a thorough investigation of the widespread allegation of diversion of billions of revenues, HURIWA called on president Muhammadu Buhari to direct the Federal inland Revenue services and the joint tax board to post trusted forensic account officers to the police formations so official receipts are issued for all payments and the revenue paid directly into the treasury single account (TSA).
In the statement, the National Coordinator Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko and National Media Affairs Director Miss Zainab Yusuf, HURIWA expressed shock that president Buhari has so far maintained loud silence to the cacophony of corruption allegations made by a senator against the inspector General of police.
"HURIWA is by this statement tasking President Muhammadu Buhari to set in motion a machinery for the comprehensive investigation of all the claims and counter claims made by Senator Missau against IGP and the belated and seemingly diversionary accusation against the Senator for being a deserter. Nigerians needs to get full disclosures regarding the very damaging corruption allegations made by Senator Misau against IGP."
HURIWA stated that it is a notorious fact that Embassies, crude oil prospecting companies and rich individuals are protected by the armed guards posted by the office of the Inspector General of Police and it is known that these corporate individuals and organisations pay some forms of fees to the police. The Nigerian government should investigate the police authority with a view to ascertaining the amounts of revenues being generated and why they aren't been remitted to the Federation Account of the Federation of Nigeria. If these monies are diverted then they must be traced and returned to public coffers. There is also the issues of donations to the police by rich individuals and state governments. Nigerians should be told why these cash are frittered. The current IGP should be suspended pending the determination of the investigative hearing."

As floods shatter communities in India and Nepal, we provide lifesaving care to desperate animals

Hundreds of thousands of animals including cows, buffalo, goats, pigs, chickens, dogs and cats are fighting for their lives in Nepal, and the north-eastern state of Assam in India, after devastating floods struck this month
Our teams are acting fast to help animals and their owners by leading mobile vet response teams and distributing emergency kits to at least 15,000 farm animals and pets in India, and 52,000 in Nepal.  
Our emergency vet care is vital to help reduce suffering for surviving animals, many of whom are starving or injured. Ensuring animals’ health will also ensure better recovery for thousands of flood-stricken people, who need healthy animals to keep their families out of extreme poverty.
As well as providing income and resource, animals can also offer companionship to their owners, especially at this awful, unsettled time.
Widespread, ongoing distress
Many of the animals the we’re treating are deeply traumatised and in shock, and a large number have broken limbs and are in extreme pain.
Our disaster project manager Hansen Thambi Prem said: "Animals are in dire need; injured, starving and at high risk of disease – the floods have damaged pastures for months to come, compounding the emergency with starvation.
"Governments and NGOs must recognise that when a disaster hits, people and animals' very survival, and eventual recovery, is intertwined. That is why we are on the ground to protect animals."

Our disaster response teams in India and Nepal are:
  • providing immediate assistance to animals on the ground injured from the floods and meeting basic needs for survival,
  • giving out emergency vet kit items which include dressings and treatment for wounded animals, treatment for diarrhoea, pneumonia and other potential post flood diseases in Nepal, as well as mineral and health supplements, antibiotics, and more in India,
  • and assessing the wider and longer term needs for the animals in partnership with governments.
Protecting people and animals in the long-term
While disaster response rightly prioritises people’s immediate needs, the long-term recovery from disasters is inextricably linked with the well-being of their animals.
Communities and people affected by the floods in both Assam, India and Nepal heavily rely on agriculture to make ends meet and in this critical stage. By rescuing and treating animals affected by floods, we’re providing stability for the future of people and communities.
Keep an eye out for further updates our disaster response in India and Nepal as we continue our work there.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017


Nigeria has a debilitating social malaise which has to do with the lack of a sustained sense of national outrage over ethical and criminal offences that ordinarily should prick the conscience of a rational being.
The majority of the people of Nigeria who reside in the geographical space known as Nigeria behave in such a despicable manner of always forgetting about clear cases of criminality, no matter how grave and are prepared to move on with life even when life as we know it in civilized climes, has become brutish, short, uninteresting and dangerous in Nigeria for Nigerians (to borrow from Thomas Hobbes).
Take for instance the numerous criminal events and incidents that have happened over the past few years that at the time of their occurrence created so much national debate and angst.
As soon as these heinous crimes occur, the media put them on their front pages.
The bulk of Nigerians who are active on the social media will debate such abominable acts for just a few days awaiting another much dangerous social crime to occur only to jump at the new thematic crime and almost immediately shove the earlier crime behind and under the carpets and dustbins of history. 
The carpets of impunity in Nigeria stinks of many vicious crimes that have been swept and hidden therein. Nigerians have defied the wise counsel that he who fails to learn from history stands the risk of repeating history.
It is for this collective sense of apathy and absolute lack of a sense of collective national outrage for a great duration of time, that public office holders have been committing grave crimes and almost always getting out of such evils without being punished by the court of law or court of public opinion. 
Forget the braggadocio of the current government about anti- corruption fight, because there are rampant cases of official impunity. Why do we keep seeing more damning evils even when the lesser evils are yet to be tackled?
This is so because the court of public opinion in Nigeria is shallow, unintelligent, passive and suffers from perpetual collective amnesia.
Take the policing institution in Nigeria as a case study.
Over the past two years, many abominable crimes and allegations of official misconducts involving top hierarchy of the police have occurred but these alleged offenders are walking the streets free.
The same with the Army whereby 34 innocent soldiers of high ranks mainly from Southern Nigeria were dismissed over false allegations whereas the real culprits were promoted and posted to juicier positions because they aided the current political office holders to snatch power from the then partu in power prior to May 2015. But the cases involving the police is much more disturbing. 
An immediate example is that of the then police commissioner in Enugu State last year who was mobilized by governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi,to prevent terror attack against Nimbo community but who did nothing until the armed Fulani terror gang carried out their threat against that agrarian community.
Those armed Fulani marauders left a trail of blood, deaths and destruction. 
When this abominable crime was not prevented even when it could have been prevented since the police chief in Enugu had actionable intelligence, the inspector General of police Alhaji Ibrahim Kpotum Idris simply transferred the police commissioner out of Enugu.
Till date, the commissioner has yet to face prosecution for dereliction of duty nor has he accounted for what he did with the Enugu State’s money. In fact the IGP posted this indicted police officer to the maritime duty considered as very juicy.
To make matters worst, Mr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, the governor who publicly accused the Police chief and other security agencies of diversion of security cash, did not take action to recover the money of Enugu State which he gave the police boss but which clearly was misapplied. 
The government of Enugu and the Federal government have also failed to bring the killers to Justice.
Another example of how the police chiefs have persistently destroyed the ethical and legal foundations of the Nigeria police Force can be located in the quantum of science based, evidence based and research- based reports indicting the police of corruption.
Both institutionally and from individuals with access to actionable intelligence, the Nigeria police has been inundated with disturbing allegations of bribery and corruption.
Some of those who have made these allegations and far-reaching investigative reports include the United Nations; National Bureau of Statistics and a retired police officer and a serving senator Isa Missau who is the Committee Chairman on Navy in the Senate.
It must be stated from onset that the inspector General of police has an 'original sin' which characterized his appointment by President Muhammadu Buhari. 
Buhari was accused of destroying merits and professional competence, but chose favoritism and tribalism in his choice of the current inspector General of police to an extent that over two dozen senior officers with better academic and professional qualifications were jettisoned and illegally retired just to pave way for a far junior and grossly inexperienced rookie police officer to emerge as the head of the police in the World’s largest black nation.
Professor Chinua Achebe of blessed memories said tribalism and nepotism affects merits and competence. Perhaps, the avalanche of accusations of incompetence and corruption trailing the IGP is a direct effect of the total disregard to professional competence and merits by President Muhammadu Buhari in picking Ibrahim Idris from the lower rank of commissioner to torpedo his seniors to become Inspector General of Police.
This same head of police with so much ethical deficits and allegations hanging on his neck has misled the Nigeria police force into winning a gold medal in the crime of bribery and corruption and these damaging reports were authored by institutions that ordinarily have proven to be beyond reproach namely united Nations office on drugs and crime (UNODC) and the National Bureau of Statics.
Police officers, judges and prosecutors are the most corrupt public officials in Nigeria, the National Bureau of Statistics said in its latest report.
The damning report came the same day the United Nations Office for Drug and Crimes (UNODC) released its own corruption report that said Nigeria spent N400bn annually on bribes to public officials.
The 2017 National Corruption Survey said 46.4 per cent of Nigerian citizens have had “bribery contact” with police officers, 33 per cent with prosecutors and 31.5 per cent with Judges/magistrates.
The 125-page UNODC titled “Corruption in Nigeria, Bribery: Public Experience and Response, July 2017” was presented to the public few days back.
The report also listed policemen and the judiciary as topmost on the list of bribe takers. It also said Nigerians spend 28.8 percent of their earnings on bribes.
The Head of Cooperation of the European Union (EU) Kurt Cornelis said about €30m was spent on the survey and other processes leading to the publication of the report.
Cornelis said the effort was part of the EU, UNODC and other partners to help Nigeria overcome the scourge of corruption.
The Statistician General of the Federation and CEO of the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) of Nigeria Dr. Yemi Kale and the UNODC Nigeria Representative Cristina Albertin said the report was based on data collected in a survey of 33,067 households.
It was conducted in April and May 2016 across the 36 states of the federation and the FCT.
They described the study as the largest corruption survey ever conducted in Africa.
“Almost a third of Nigerian adults (32.3 percent) who had contact with a public official between June 2015 and May 2016 had to pay, or were requested to pay, a bribe to that public official.
“The majority of those who paid a bribe to a public official did so more than once a year. Bribe-payers in Nigeria pay an average of some six bribes in one year, or roughly one bribe every two months.
“Taking into account the fact that nine out of every 10 bribes paid into public officials in Nigeria are paid in cash and the size of the payment made, it is estimated that the total amount of bribes paid to public officials in Nigeria in the 12 months prior to the survey was around N400 billion, the equivalent of $4.6 billion in purchasing power parity (PPP).
“This sum is equivalent to 39 percent of the combined federal and state education budgets in 2016,” the report stated.
It said by combining the total number of people who paid a bribe to a public official with the frequency of those payments, it is estimated that a total of roughly 82.3 million bribes were paid in Nigeria in 12 months prior to the survey.
This amounts to an average of 0.93 bribes per adults or one bribe paid by every adult Nigerian per year.
It also said the average sum paid as a cash bribe is approximately N5,300 equivalent to $61 PPP, or an average of 28.2 percent of the average monthly salary of approximately N18,900.
While saying that 37.1 percent of men pay bribes compare to 26.6 percent women, the report said that young adults (25 to 34 years) are more vulnerable to bribery than older age groups and also that higher level of education and income lead to greater risk of bribery.
In the ranking of bribe-takers, the report lists the Police (46.4 percent), prosecutors (33.0 percent), judges/magistrates (31.5 percent), tax/revenue officers (27.3 percent), custom officers (26.5 percent), and public utilities (22.4 percent) as the highest.
Also, the report which lists the prevalence and frequency of bribery at national level and zones with north-west topping the list and north-east, south-south, south-west, north-central and south-east following respectively,
It also lists south-west, north-central, south-south, north-west, north-east and south-east respectively where the highest numbers of bribes are paid by individuals.
The communication officer of the UNODC Mr. Sylvester Tunde Atere said that the “Support to anti-corruption in Nigeria” project involved 14 anti-corruption agencies and 10 civil society organizations (CSOs) grantees.
On his part, Senator Missau accused the IGP of pocketing N10billion monthly from fees paid to police illegally by corporate organisations and individuals particularly crude oil prospecting companies. The Police dismissed his allegations with mere wave of hands and President Muhammadu Buhari has said nothing and office life has continued as usual for this IGP.
But Missau who maintained his allegations briefed the media thus: "I welcome you all to this press Briefing. Let me quickly say that this interaction with the gentleman and ladies of the press is to put to records straight on the avoidable controversy generated by the Police authorities over a simple and patriotic advice to them. Infact, the reporters o my earlier press statement restricted their reports to just unwholesome promotion practices, there are however more weighty allegations. And i make bold to state as follows: While the police service commission could not deny the bribery allegations, information reaching me indicates that even transfers of commissioners of police, state mobile commanders and SPU commander are also allegedly riddled in corruption.
Senator Missau fired on thus: "As you may be aware, the chain of command in the force does not allow these grievances to be aired, but the allegation is also rife that the IGP posted a commissioner of police, who for the past 17 years has not worked/ served in a police station to take charge of a state. The former police aide to late former Governor Alamiesiegha who eventually served under former president Goodluck Jonathan is now the commissioner of police, Adamawa state. Foisting such officers without operational experience has been a major setback to the current administration's fight against the Boko haram insurgency."
"There is also the allegation that more than 50,000 policemen are attached to oil companies, banks, and private individuals with regular payments made to the police authorities. While these monies are estimated to run into billions of naira, they are however uncounted for."
"The IGP is alleged to divert the funds provided under the 2016 Appropriations Act of the acquisition of Armored personal carriers, APC to purchase of luxury cars, which is a criminal offence" .
"The IGP is alleged to aggressively pursue nepotistic tendencies in favour of his Nupe officers and men".
"A curious and nebulous system was introduced by the IGP where so many units were introduced under his office as investigating units, whereas there is a legally established office of the police DUG (Investigation). While this made the DIG's office moribund, it also made the officers attached to the office redundant", Senator Missau affirmed.
He continued: "To set the record straight when the president appointed the IGP,  23 AIG were compulsory retired just enable him to perform his duties properly, why bring in junior officers to head their seniors? The IGP is alleged to have no plan or focus. Things are done on spur of the moment. IGP runs the police like a commissioner of police running of state command. Major decisions are taken with junior officers with the DIG's sidelined. A typical case in point is the use of a Rtd DIG in leading on investigation units while there are active officers".
"The IGP is also alleges to not allowing Departments to function properly. Attention is not paid to welfare and logistics need of officers and men, thereby causing low morale."
He then charged the authorities thus: "I hope that the police authorities would take advantage of this information and review its practices for efficient service delivery."
Sadly, the IGP turned around and brandes tge whistleblower a deserter from police and asked that he be arrested. The police all the while that Missau won his Senate seat made no such allegations but only to seek to use diversionary tactics to hide away from rendering public accounts. The President must see this as a litmus test of his anti-graft effort to sanitise the police. 
The allegations are too weighty to be snubbed by President Muhammadu Buhari. 
The President must not say because the IGP is his 'boy' therefore he can get away with just any allegations. This is the same danger of tribalism pointed out by the Iconic author of global reputation Professor Chinua Achebe.
His words: “The major objection to the practice of tribalism is that it exposes the citizen to unfair treatment and social injustice. Less advertised but no less damaging to social morality is the advantage which tribalism may confer on mediocrity”.
"Social injustice is therefore not only a matter of morality but also of sheer efficiency and effectiveness”, says Achebe in his book titled "The trouble with Nigeria". Must the Nigerian peculiar problem of collective amnesia allow these allegations to be buried in the carpet of impunity? 
The media must constantly put this on their major debating items until justice is done and the money diverted are brought back to public treasury. 
This matter is like shouted to the ears of President Muhammadu Buhari who wants the rest of us to see him as a fighter of corruption and so it's good to tell him that as a 'physician' he must heal himself.

*Emmanuel Onwubiko is Head of HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS ASSOCIATION of Nigeria (HURIWA)

Tuesday, 29 August 2017


 President Muhammadu Buhari extends heartfelt condolences to the Kanti-Bello family as well as the government and people of Katsina State on the death of Senator Mahmud Kanti-Bello. 
 President Buhari also commiserates with the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria over the passage of their distinguished colleague and former Senate Chief Whip, who served two-terms in the upper legislative chamber.
 As Senator representing Katsina Central Constituency/Daura Senatorial zone from 2003-2011, President Buhari recalls that the late Senator Bello was a very outspoken and courageous patriot, who worked hard to ensure that all levels of government in the country were responsible and accountable.
 The President believes that Senator Bello’s effective representation of his people at the national level and commitment to the unity of Nigeria will be long remembered and honoured; and will continue to serve as inspiration to many others.
 President Buhari urges Senator Kanti-Bello’s family, friends and associates to honour his memory by continually upholding the values of honesty and accountability, which served as his reference point throughout his public service. 
 The President prays that Almighty Allah will comfort all who mourn him and grant his soul eternal rest.

Special Adviser to the President

(Media & Publicity)

August 29, 2017.

Piglets saved from barn fire are served as sausages to firefighters who rescued them

A litter of piglets who were rescued from a barn fire in Wiltshire have been served up as sausages to the firefighters who saved them.
Eighteen piglets and two female pigs, which had been reared for meat, were saved from a fire at a farm in Milton Lilbourne, Wiltshire.
Six months later, the animals were turned into sausages and given as a gift to the Pewsey fire team to say thanks, where they were served on a barbecue.
Farmer Rachel Rivers told the BBC: “I’m sure vegetarians will hate this.” The firefighters added the sausages were “highly recommended”.
“I wanted to thank them. I promised them at the time I'd bring down some sausages for them, which they were all pleased about.
“I gave those animals the best quality of life I could ever give until the time they go to slaughter and they go into the food chain.
 “You do feel sad at the end of it... but to bring them down for their [the firefighters] Monday night practice was a good way of saying 'thank you'.”
A spokesman for Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service thanked the farmer and added that the sausages were “fantastic”.




We woke up early this morning to the news of the demolition of a popular market in Owerri the Imo state capital called Ekeukwu market by agents of the State Government allegedly supported by the Army, the Police and other armed groups both legal and illegal. As at the time of this writing, many lives have been lost and scores lying in the Hospital seriously injured while yet many more lost properties running into billions of Naira. 

We condemn this as barbaric, unconscionable and out of sync with the dictates of modern societies that thrive on strict adherence to the Rule of Law and natural justice. This once again is a national eyesore that leaves a deep gash on our collective conscience as a people and as a country.

Our members in Imo having followed this matter through and investigations from the Headquarters of the ULC suggests that this matter is understandably in the Courts pending adjudication and Rochas has rather chosen to circumvent this lawful process which the citizenry have subjected themselves. We are deeply worried that a State Government will allow itself to be dragged down this lane of infamy to unleash mayhem on its own people despite being illegal and amoral. We have unfortunately seen an increasing lawlessness and impunity not perpetrated by criminals in the society but by those who wield the instrument of Power scattered all over the nation.

Every day when we wake up in Nigeria, we are regaled with one sad tale or another of the dubious use of the Military to destroy the lives of Nigerians by those who are in position of authority despite the fact that the military are needed somewhere else very urgent in the North East to defeat the Boko Haram insurgency including in other parts of the country to curb the murderous Fulani Herdsmen uprisings and others

We are aghast at the continued militarisation of Governance processes and the deployment of high-handed and violence methods in attempting to settle disputes arising out of Government decisions that the people considers wrong – headed or ill-advised. Any Governor that cannot patiently subject himself to the dictates of the Law loses the right to continue in Office. He becomes a threat to democracy and democratic practices as he places himself above the Law through which he in the first place assumed office.

Through such actions, the affected public official undermines the basis of his government destroying the foundation of his office making it inchoate with the strictures of the Law thus creating a situation where he is no longer worthy of that office.

ULC does not see any reason no matter how well thought – out for Rochas to embark on self-help and lawlessness in a matter that is before courts. He has not only shown disdain for the Courts but has also shown deep contempt for the people of the state and indeed the whole Nigeria. He is following a trend that we are scared stiff about in Nigeria. The emergence of small despotic gods in our hallowed halls of governance who have decided on their own to play with the lives of their citizenry without recourse to the rights and privileges of the people and to good conscience. A people in Power who believes that they are above all and everything are a danger to democracy and social stability.

We therefore are forced to call for the immediate resignation of Rochas Okorocha on the basis of this perfidy and the threat he has become not only to his own people but also to Nigerians knowing fully that if he continues contributing to the destruction of our nation, Nigerian workers who we represent will be the first casualties. He has made his continued occupation of that exalted office tenuous and horrendous. 

It is wrong for the military to once again allow itself to be used by wicked and self-seeking politicians to mow down innocent lives that they were constitutionally sworn to protect and who are their employers and pay their salaries no matter what the situation is. It is also wrong for the Governor to have to bring in the military into a civil matter that does not in any way require the use of extreme force as the case has clearly demonstrated. Institutions of state can only maintain their integrity when they subject themselves to the rules setting them up. It is this integrity that guarantees their sustainability which can only obtained by continuously being allied with the people. When the military authorities therefore decide to be used, they not only whittle down the effectiveness of that institution they also undermine its capability and capacity to continue playing its role as the ultimate defender of the citizenry. 

ULC demands the immediate investigation of the circumstances under which the killings and maiming of innocent life was carried out in a peaceful time. We demand that the officers involved in this act be prosecuted by the courts and if found culpable incarcerated. This action has totally undermined the office of the GOC commanding the 36th military Battalion at Obinze whose officers may have constantly been used against the people. We therefore call for his immediate removal and prosecution.

We want to remind Nigerians that just last Tuesday we alerted then on the increasing militarisation of the nation’s governance processes and cried out on the dangers to lives and properties which this has become. This is another manifestation of this evil by the ruling elite. We call on all reasonable men of goodwill to immediately stand against this evil by condemning it in its totality to avoid being tarnished by the action of this Governor who has shown no respect for the people he claims to lead.

All patriots must come together to build a network of morality and justice against this evil genie that seems to be stepping out of the bottle now before it shows up somewhere else with the attendant loses of lives and properties in its trail. It is time to stop the evil and impunity which Rochas has come to represent and it will only take not just responsible Imo citizens to condemn this action totally but also for all men of goodwill to gather themselves together so that Nigeria will be protecting from this rampaging bulls.

Finally, we call on the President of the federal republic and the national Assembly to quickly call the military to order. We suggest that machineries are set in motion to audit the live operations of the military throughout the country especially in our workplaces and as it rears its head in Public to avoid this increasing fear that is being generated in the Land. Nigerians have not become this afraid in a very long time. 
It is time for all patriots to come together to stop our spiral into anarchy as a nation!

                                         Comrade Joe Ajaero

Monday, 28 August 2017


Abdul Muhammed Esq
Principal, Abdul Muhammed
Law practice, P/Harcourt
Rivers State.


Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press:

1)   Introduction

a)    It is a matter of public record that at the beginning of the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, two panels were instituted by the Nigerian Army and/or Office of National Security Adviser respectively, to inquire into (1) allegations of electoral malpractices by Nigerian Army personnel and (2) allegations of corruption associated with arms procurement under the office of National Security Adviser. Furthermore on Thursday June 9. 2016 the Nigeria Army Council under the leadership of the troika of the Minister of Defense, Mr. Mansur Dan Ali, Chief of Defense Staff, General Abayomi Olonisakin and the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. General Yusuf Buratai presided over an abrupt sitting of the Army Council and they saw to the punishment by compulsory retirement of 38 senior officers of the Nigerian Army.

b)    We all acknowledge that Nigeria owes a debt of gratitude to the fighting men and women of our armed forces, such that we must definitely show, our concern that these 38 Senior Army Officers who have all put their very lives at risk protecting Nigeria should be treated in such an unfair and shabby manner.

2)   By their numbers

a)    In the list of 38 Senior Army Officers are Nine (09) Major Generals, ten (10) Brigadier Generals, seven (07) Colonels, eleven (11) Lieutenant Colonels and one (01) Major.

b)    None of the thirty-eight (38) senior officers that were compulsorily retired was ever charged, tried, tried by a court martial or found guilty of any offence in line with Armed Forces extant rules and regulations, before they all heard of their retirement in the media. They were never investigated for any infraction, they were never indicted, they were never tried and they were never convicted of any disciplinary or criminal breaches whatsoever.

c)     Eighteen (18) out of the 38 Senior Army officers that were punished did not appear before any one of the two panels that were set up or any other inquiry or investigation for that matter. That is to say, they never appeared before (1) the panel that examined allegations of electoral malpractices by Nigerian Army personnel or (2) the panel that investigated allegations of corruption associated with arms procurement under the office of National Security Adviser.

d)   Eight (08) of the 38 Senior Army officers were called as witnesses before the panel that examined allegations of electoral malpractices by Nigerian Army personnel. Eleven (11) Senior Army officers were called as witnesses before the second the panel that investigated allegations of corruption associated with arms procurement under the office of National Security Adviser. It is important to note that these officers went before the panels as witness and not as persons of interest with respect to these investigations.

e)    Seven (07) out of the Senior Army officers are from Rivers State; two (02) each are from Delta and Akwa Ibom States; three (03) are from Edo State and ten (10) others are from the South Eastern states (and of Igbo descent). In order words, twenty-four (24) of the 38 Senior Army Officers in the list are from the South South and South East zones (63%).

3)   Several constitutional breaches

a)    The record of the Nigeria Army shows that there were no factual basis for punishing these officers and that there has been a complete failure of fair hearing and due process. Many of these officers have no relationship whatsoever with election duties or procurement office as falsely alleged by Army leadership. They have never served in procurement capacity throughout their careers in the Army or participated in any form of election duties during the 2015 General Elections.

b)    None of the 38 Senior Army Officers was allowed to enjoy the benefits of their rights and privileges which are clarly protected to them under and by virtue of the provisions of Chapter IV f the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1990 (as amended).

c)     Per the statement contained in this press release in paragraph 2(e) above, the wrongful dismissal of the officers in the circumstances has resulted in the most serious breach of the provision of Section 217(3) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria recorded in recent history. For example, the complete failure of due process means that the removal of the Rivers State Officers from the Nigerian Army on arbitrary grounds constitutes the single most important and dangerous depletion of the population of Rivers State indigenes in the officer corps of the Nigerian Army ever recorded in this country.

d)   For ease of reference, I should state that section 217(3) of the Constitution provides for the protection of federal character as follows:

The composition of the officer corps and other ranks of the armed forces of the Federation shall reflect the federal character of Nigeria.’

4)   Wrongful actions of  the Army leadership

a)    I have the duty to point out that in the case of the 38 Senior Army Officers, the present Army leadership acted maliciously and by surreptitiously substituting the names of culpable officers with innocent ones in a gross act of corruption and went ahead to deliberately mislead the President and Commander in Chief as well as the entire nation on the matter.

b)    The action of the troika in the matter of the 38 officers was based on pure vendetta and pursuit of opaque objectives such as attempt to coerce officers to commit crimes in future election as motivated by the desire to further personal ambitions and interests without any consideration whatsoever for overall national interest and the security of Nigeria.

c)     I must point out that Army record shows that in the respective case of all the officers, there was either no factual basis for the punishment and/or there was complete lack of established process leading to their dismissals.

d)   I have the duty to point out to the world that the report with respect to Arms Procurement was completed and published in December 2016, which was six months after these 38 Senior Officers had been punished by the Army Council based on involvement in Arms Procurement saga. The panel on Arms Procurement never indicted any of these 38 officers and some of those serving officers that were recommended for further investigation are still serving in the Army and have continued to enjoy their promotion and privileges
5)   Glaringly inconsistent Army leadership

This Army leadership re-instated a Major General on the ground that due process was not followed in punishing the said Major General, and yet this same  Army leadership has now seen to the punishment of 38 Senior Army officers in breach of due process. Very curious indeed that the Army leadership was able to do the right thing by insisting on due process in January 2016 for Major General A. Mohammed, and yet the Army leadership is unable and unwilling to follow due process in June 2016 in respect of the 38 Senior Army officers.

6)   Voices who should speak out are silent

It is a sad commentary on how this country treats her men and women in uniform that justice and fairness has been withheld from these wrongfully and shabbily treated 38 Senior Army Officers in a period of more than 12 months after their unlawful dismissals and voices that should speak out on this matter of grave national security have remained silent.

7)   President Buhari must act now to check the injustice

a)    When the Commander-in-Chief had requested the Army leadership to inquire into weighty issues of allegations of misconduct about service personnel, the duty (at a minimum) of the troika of Minister Mansur Dan Alli, General Abayomi Olonisakin and Chief of Army staff Yusuf Buratai should be to execute the noble intentions of the President and not to sabotage the President’s instruction by seeing to the punishment of innocent officers while leaving the culpable ones to walk free. Properly construed, the actions of Army Leadership in the circumstances is clearly designed and effective to ridicule the change agenda of your government and to bring fritter away the hard earned reputation of Mr. President for probity, justice and fairness.

b)    In the circumstances the President is urged to authorize the immediate re-instatement of the 38 retired Senior Army Officers into the Nigerian Army pending an urgent and impartial investigation into all the allegations in this petition. We submit that careful review of the facts and circumstances of this petition speak to the necessity of the institution of disciplinary procedures against those high officials that were involved in the illegal and or sham retirement exercise.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Dated at Abuja the 28th day of August, 2017