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Friday, 18 August 2017


Hate or like him, Mr. Nnamdi Kanu, the irrepressible leader of the self-determination body- indigenous peoples of Biafra (IPOB) has some germane observations on the sickening nature of politics and the lack of good governance in Nigeria.
In one of his comments, he was quoted as saying that the reason his group has embargoed their card carrying members from participating in the November 8th 2017 governorship poll in Anambra State is because those seeking political offices under the extant constitution of Nigeria are basically motivated by the pecuniary benefits they could garner for themselves from those public offices.
Reading through a large volume of political history of Nigeria, a persistent theme present is the disturbing dimension that political corruption has stunted the progress and advancements of Nigeria since over half a century. 
Nigeria is a laughing stock in the international community because whereas the Country is enormously endowed with natural resources but also endowed with thieving leadership, the mass of the people are deprived, absolutely poor and hungry. 
The irony of starving in the midst of plenty is like someone who is swimming in the pool of water and yet the soap hurts the eyes of such a swimmer. 
It is for the colossal mismanagement of resources of the country by political office holders in all administrations that some writers concluded that indeed the massive natural resources that Nigeria are endowed with have become a collective resource curse.
Take for example the case of crude oil resources in which Nigeria is heavily endowed with and for which tons of cash in foreign denominations ought to have accrued from the exportation and marketing internationally of these resources but sadly, very little revenues have actually ended up in the public till whilst a bulk of the cash are stolen. By some estimates from the United Nations office on Drugs and Crimes over $400 billions USD have disappeared into private pockets of politicians over the past four decades. 
A cursory analysis of the consequences of the heist of public fund by officials will reveal that the entire society is grossly underdeveloped and the situation of basic infrastructures have become gravely dysfunctional. 
In the crude oil rich communities, the environments are devastated by the unorthodox fashions of exploration of these resources and the communities are grossly underdeveloped. The 13 % allocations that the distorted 1999 Constitution concedes to crude oil rich states are substantially pocketed by the state governors. 
Let us even begin by taking a look at just the road infrastructure in the South East and the reality that steers us in the face is that of criminal neglect going by the collapsed state of the Federal and state roads.
The other day the zonal office of the anti-graft panel known as Economic and Financial Crimes Commission in the South East briefed the media in Enugu and disclosed that it was beginning the investigation of the massive scale of theft of public fund meant for the road infrastructures in the South East.
By the public admission of this agency of law enforcement, the South East of Nigeria has the worst road infrastructures in the whole of Nigeria. 
Infrastructure deficit has always been a major stumbling block to the economic development of the South East of Nigeria which suffered bombardments during a 30-months civil war but wasn't rebuilt. 
So the observations by the EFCC is as factual as it is pathetic.
The EFCC announced that it has invited all contractors awarded various road contracts by the federal government in the South East for interrogation.
Mr. Johnson Babalola, the Enugu head of EFCC said the probe became necessary in view of the deplorable condition of the roads in the zone.
“The deplorable condition of federal roads in the south east has caught our attention. The zone has one of the poorest roads in the country yet, the contracts were awarded”.
“So we have invited the contractors and we are currently inspecting their records. Everything  that surrounds the awards of contracts and execution of the roads will be probed". 
"We solicit for useful information from members of the public in order to get to the root of the investigation we have started”.
The EFCC goofed in their last paragraph by tasking the members of the public to supply them with information on how to tackle failed contracts awarded by government.
I said the EFCC blundered in making this unattainable demand because in Nigeria, politics over the years are played by politicians who view their offices as opportunities for personal aggrandizement and selfish enrichment by hook, or crook.
Besides this politics of fortune in Nigeria is another underlying fact that although Nigeria is one of the few nations in sub-Sahara Africa with the freedom of information Act,  the presidency has consistently undermined the enforcement of the provisions of this act.
 The freedom of information Act is a legal tool meant to liberalize the methods of obtaining information from public offices so as to safeguard the principles of transparency and accountability but since its enactment by the National Assembly, government offices are still administered in strict secrecy even as monumental heists of public fund has increased.
Why should the anti-graft body look up to the Nigeria's information deprived members of the public to feed it with relevant information on contractual jobs to private contractors by Federal governments officials when it can easily obtain all the relevant information on the contracts since they too report to the Federal government? Is EFCC playing on the people's intelligence?
By the way, are all the Federal contracts not meant to pass through the forensic vetting of the bureau of the public procurements (BPP) in Abuja which is an agency under the supervision of the presidency just like the EFCC?
The sad thing about the deliberate refusal of politicians in government to operate open government is that even the National and State Assemblies that should serve as the mechanisms for checking the excesses of the executive arm of government is also deeply entrenched and drenched by corruption.
Not too long ago, indeed only yesterday, a former president who had ruled Nigeria as both Military and civilian head of state for over a decade was quoted in the media as characterizing members of the National Assembly as “a bunch of unarmed robbers”.
The statement by the former president Chief Olusegun Obasanjo was countered by the spokespersons of the two chambers of the national assembly who accused him of being corrupt. Obasanjo was accused of bribing the National legislators so they can change the constitutional provisions on term limits to give him a third term but the National Assembly members reportedly collected larger bribes from forces opposed to the sinister agenda.
The political trajectories of Nigeria reveals that most heads of state or presidents have skeletons in their cupboard going by the fact that most of them assume offices as wretched Nigerians but retire into stupendous wealth.
Any wonder that a globally respected writer Mr. Max Siollun had to author a best seller book in which he detailed the leadership failures in Nigeria in what he stylishly called “soldiers of fortune”.
Realistically, you need not read through this beautiful book aforementioned to agree with the author that indeed Nigeria is richly cursed with politicians of fortune whose preoccupation is to rob the commonwealth of the people and reduce the people to paupers.
I say this because all you need to do is to examine the palatial private mansions that these political office holders set up whilst in offices for themselves by helping themselves from the public till.
With the possible exception of General Yakubu Gowon and President Shehu Shagari who still live practically on their generous state pensions, all other former military rulers and retired civilian presidents are living lives of amazing luxuries off the funds of the public.
Even the current president has cost the tax payers billions in the settlements of personal hospital bills in the United Kingdom where he has spent over three months suffering a yet to be disclosed illness.
Former military despot Ibrahim Babangida lives in the most beautiful palatial mansions that money can build whilst General Abdul Salam Abubakar is busy running many top rated companies.
The other day, the EFCC reportedly confiscated many multibillion Naira housing assets from godson of the immediate past president.
The same EFCC has accused the Zamfara state governor of pilfering billions of cash belonging to his state to set up personal 100 room hotel in Lagos and to buy up a huge housing asset in the United States. 
On the last count, virtually all the past governors are accused of diverting huge sums or the other belonging to their people. 
In Kogi State, report has it that the governor is building for himself a state of art estate in Okene. In Imo the story is the same.
In his book titled “Soldiers of fortune: Nigerian politics from Buhari to Babangida”, Max Siollun captured the obvious truth that both the civilians and the military are birds of the same feathers in terms of widespread corruption.
His words:  “These clustered networks of personal loyalty blurred the differentiation between the senior officer corps and senior politicians. Both the civilian and military elites became interchangeable”.
In the current administration the cases of abominable corruption has flared up even when the government claims to be fighting corruption. The Presidency has failed to disclose how much of public fund that has gone into treating an unknown ailment afflicting President Muhammadu Buhari. 
Nigerians must wake up from slumber and play their part to truly bring about a change of political fortune for the citizens by rejecting the politicians of fortune. 


Few days back I read a foreign newspaper from Japan as i randomly do on daily basis to get abreast with developments from around the World since it is presumed that we now co-habit in a global hall.
In reading this online version of one of the most prominent Japanese dailies, yours faithfully came across a very intriguing topic which tells the story that half of the entire police operatives are not fully occupied.
These Police operatives are not lazy or functionally redundant but can't find enough criminals to occupy their times abdcommit government's resources towards general law enforcement.
With the disappearance of criminals or rather rapid reduction in crime in Japan, it has become inevitable that the nation doesn't need the number of law enforcement officers in their official nominal roll. 
The news story further stated that it was looking increasingly possible that Japan may have to export her law enforcement officials to another country that needs such critical services given that the crime rate in Japan has radically dropped.
In that same week, I read a story of a certain central European nation whereby the government of that country has run out of options on what to do with the many unoccupied prison facilities simply because the crime rate in that European Nation has fundamentally dropped. Netherlands is also reported as witnessing massive reduction in crime rates.
Conversely, the situation of crime in Nigeria is said to be on a steady upswing and sadly the number of detention facilities are grossly insufficient and substandard giving that these prisons were built many years back. The number of trained and professionally competent operatives is in steady geometric decline. 
Another unfortunate statistical fact about the crime rate in Nigeria is the near-absence of skilled, disciplined and professionally committed persons to engage in the arduous tasks of policing Nigeria. 
The argument that with over 300,000 officially accredited Police operatives (not forgetting the ghost police operatives) are not near enough to police a population of over one hundred and sixty million Nigerians is plausible but debatable because of the lacuna that exists in the recruitment process. One time President Olusegun Obasanjo once disclosed that armed robbers and prostitutes have paid their way into the Nigeria police force. The process of commercializing and politicizing the entry points into the Police has eroded the capacity of government to attract the best hands unlike in civilised climes whereby potential recruits into the policing institutions are critically analysed and their biodata scrutinised forensically to eliminate the chances of recruiting criminal elements. 
Even as we bemoan the dearth of professional police operatives to sufficiently enforce the laws in Nigeria, another worrying dimension is the widespread cases of bribery and corruption amongst the ranks and file of the Nigeria police. Police operatives who are not occupying higher positions aren't commensurately remunerated and are tasked to work under a lot of stress. The facilities housing police training institutes and police baracks/stations are substandard and derelict to such dehumanizing level that even animals can't survive under such conditions. The lack of facilities to house police operatives means that they are to make personal arrangements to secure houses for themselves and their families. The ordinary police are not compensated adequately should they suffer disabilities whilst working and the administration of Police pensions is shrouded in massive corruption meaning that police operatives who retire after working for 35 years won't be paid their rightful post retirement benefits because these massive cash have been stolen by government officials and top police officers. The immediate consequence is that most police operatives who work under such conditions do resort to such self help measires like demanding and receiving bribes before enforcing the law. This distortion creates serious lack of integrity of the policing institution and loss of public confidence. Without public confidence the Police can't carry out successful policing because information of actionable quality are needed for the prevention of crime and for combating crimes when they occur. 
There is a universal consensus that corruption is the father of crime and if those who should maintain law and order  are found wanting, it therefore means that anarchy would be triggered in the society. That is the state of policing in Nigeria and this has just been confirmed by a report done by the United Nations office on crime and drugs in conjunction with Nigeria Bureau of Statistics which found out the notorious fact that Police operatives are the highest bribe seekers. Ironically, the North East and North West ranks the highest in the occurrence of these bribery cases. 
The broad implications of this report of high incidence of bribery in the Nigeria police force is that the apparatus of law enforcement is tainted meaning that Nigeria needs to reform and restructure the failed policing institution for proficiency and effectiveness because philosophically and legally, government has the primary duty to provide security and ensure the enforcement of the Rule of law.
Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) in his book “The basis of sovereign authority” stated that : “The laws of nature are immutable and eternal: what they forbid, can never be lawful; what they command, can never be unlawful. For pride, ingratitude, breach of contracts(or injury),inhumanity, contumely, will never be lawful, nor the contrary virtues to these ever unlawful, as we take them for dispositions of the mind, that is, as they are considered in the court of conscience ,where only they oblige, and are laws. yet actions may be so diversified by circumstances, and the civil law, that what is done with equity at one time, is guilty of iniquity at another; and what suits with reason at one time, is contrary to it at another. ..."
Saint Thomas Aquinas(1225-1274) offered us a broad perspectives as to why the strict and untainted enforcement of the law quickens the actualization of good governance. He made this points in his widely regarded "the moral dimension of Law".
His words:"Law is a Rule and measure of Acts, whereby man is induced to act or is restrained from acting". 
The above observations by these founding fathers of philosophy and Theology are strategic to guide us in understanding the fundamental place of purity of actions by Men/Women clothed with the constitutional mandate to enforce the law.
This danming and extensively damaging report on the Nigeria police force vis a vis the involvement of the personnel in demanding for bribes as captured by the United Nations is not to say that the police in Nigeria is an organised crime gang. The report should serve as a tonic for Nigeria to practically reform and restructure the NPF.
Even in the United States of America the various departments of police are contending with one issue or the other. 
A respected analyst captured the unique problems afflicting the US Police.
His words:"I am a trial lawyer. I make arguments. And I ask questions. I have defended the poor, the forgotten, the lost and the damned for over sixty years in the courtrooms of America. Over my career I have shut out a haunting question I wasn’t prepared to face; Are we safe from our own police?"
"Have our police become killers on the loose who cover up their crimes-and too often there’s no one to stop them?"
"Who could have stopped the long-standing police brutality in Baltimore that led to the death of Freddie Gray following his less than joyful joyride in a police van, hands cuffed behind him, and without the protection of a seat belt?"
"The medical examiner found that Gray’s “catastrophic injury”-his neck was snapped-happened when he was slammed into the back of the vans interior."
"The examiner reported that “a head injury Gray sustained matched a bolt in the back of the van”-just another notorious “rough ride” awarded to citizens who dared be black and make eye contact with the cop."
"Gray’s case brought to the forefront other cases of broken necks, paralysis, and death and attempted cover ups by the police in Baltimore".(FROM POLICE STATE BY GERRY SPENCE).
What the above story tells us is that there's no perfect police anywhere in te World. The difference however is that unlike in civilised climes, the nations are making frantic efforts to reform their police, the hierarchy of the police in Nigeria seems to be benefiting from the rots. This is because even the promotion of police operatives is now subjected to bribery by the prospective Police operatives meaning that if they wish to be promoted then they have to grease the palms of their superiors. 
Nigeria police force needs major surgical and ethical overhaul. The denial by the Police hierarchy that there is no widespread corruption in the Police has further confirmed  that the hierarchy benefits from the dysfunctionality afflicting the police. We must save Nigeria Police from self destruction now. 

2 women fined, banned from owning pets after abandoning their dogs

SINGAPORE - Two women were fined and given a six-month ban from owning pets on Wednesday (Aug 16), in two separate cases of pet abandonment.

In the first case in September last year, the Agri-food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) said Tan Lee Cheng, 46, had abandoned her son's pet dog, Galgal.
She had decided that her son was unable to care for the Jack Russell terrier he had adopted from a friend, and left it in the area of Gangsa Road and Lompang Road. It later died from underlying medical conditions despite having been handed over to an animal welfare group.Tan was fined $4,000 and issued a six-month disqualification order.
AVA's investigations later also found that Lu did not have a licence to own the toy poodle.
Named Yoyo, it has since been rehomed. Lu was fined $3,500 and given a six-month disqualification order.
AVA said in a statement on Wednesday: "Safeguarding animal welfare is a shared social responsibility... members of the public can play their part by being vigilant."
It added that it investigates all feedback on pet abandonment and will take enforcement action where necessary.
A first conviction for abandoning pets carries a fine up to $10,000 and/or a 12-month jail term.
Members of the public can report cases of pet abandonment to the AVA via its 24-hour hotline, 1800-476-1600, or its website.


Python kills security guard in Bali


·         Bali hospital receives a man's corpse, a doctor tells CNN
·         Large snake appears to have suffocated the man, the doctor says
·         Hotel spokeswoman offers condolences to family of victim in python attack
A python has killed a security guard near a luxury hotel in Bali, Indonesia.
A doctor told CNN that a man's corpse was brought to the RSUP Sanglah Denpasar Hospital in Bali on Friday. A large snake appears to have suffocated the man, said the doctor, who did not wish to be identified.
The body has been released to the family, the doctor said.
The python remains on the loose after strangling the guard, who was trying to capture the large snake, according to Agence France-Presse.
Another security guard, at the Bali Hyatt, saw the attack, which took place "on the roadway outside of the hotel's property," Jamie Zimmerman Rothfeld, a spokeswoman for the Bali Hyatt, told CNN.

"The management team and hotel associates of Bali Hyatt express their sincere condolences to the family of the victim of the python attack," she said.
Rothfeld declined further comment, saying the hotel is under renovation and closed until 2015. She referred more details on the attack and search for the snake to local authorities, who could not be reached for comment.


Thursday, 17 August 2017

Ezekwesili to Adesina: you are a 'turncoat'

Mrs. Oby Ezekwesili, girls rights campaigner and former minister of education, has asked Femi Adesina, Buhari’s special adviser on media and publicity, if he has “forgotten everything he once stood for as a journalist”.

In a series of tweets on Thursday, Ezekwesili told the federal government to apologise over the manner it handled anti-Buhari protests.
The president, who is currently away in the UK on medical vacation, had been asked to resume or resign by a group of protesters led by Charles Oputa, popular entertainer better known as Charly Boy.
But the presidency said Buhari will not resign.
Ezekwesili was quoted by an online media as stating that the presidency “wasted” an opportunity they had to “do right”, in reference to handling the protest.
She also said the recent visit Buhari’s media team paid to him does not solve the issue surrounding the president’s health.
“Somebody should compile @FemAdesina’s articles from his column in Sun newspapers & beg him to read them. Today, my friend is not forever!” she also wrote.
“Ask your friend and professional colleague that called some of us “Yesterday’s men and women” what today is in history for him.
“You maligned and shamelessly met with another whose “message” you like. Forgotten everything you once stood for as a journalist?
“Those whose message you detest are actually the ones that will do you good. Now you look like Abacha’s regime with your ‘crowd.”
“There is a competent way to have engaged the Charles Oputa @Areafada1-led protest and regained public confidence. You blew it.
“It is totally illegal for the federal government to repress any non-violent citizens’ protest on any subject that consistent with our rights.
“What the government did to the Charles Oputa @Areafada1 led Protest is disgraceful. You squandered opportunity to do right.
“The entire presidency should be apologizing to Nigerians for the disrespectful manner it has carried on concerning the President’s health.
“There are two distinct sides to Mr. President: a fellow citizen, a human being and our president answerable to citizens of this country.
“Due to incompetence and arrogance, the presidency has mixed up these two distinct aspects of the president’s life. Sit down humbly and learn.
“I hope you are not deluding yourselves that marching off to London to take pictures with president responds to citizens’ need?


In what is seen as some of the worst cases of abominable acts, a man in his mid 40s, Lucky Akuna, is now on the run, along with one of his unnamed sons, for allegedly sleeping with one of his daughters, 14-year-old Elizabeth Akuna, and getting her pregnant.

It was gathered that Akuna, who is also known as Orutebe, an indigene of Ogulagha Kingdom in Burutu Local Council of Delta State, had admitted being responsible for his daughter’s pregnancy, after being interrogated by leaders of Ugboroke community, where he resides.

The secret was blown open when neighbours noticed that Elizabeth was showing signs of pregnancy. It was gathered that the girl told those who inquired from her that he had been impregnated by her father, who had had sexual intercourse with her a couple of times.

According to a source in the community who pleaded for anonymity, this would not be the first time the man, who is married to two wives, would be involved in incest, citing cases where he had been accused of sleeping with and impregnating his niece.

“He has impregnated his niece on two separate occasions. The girl upon further interrogation also revealed that aside her father, her elder brother from another mother, who is also on the run, deflowered her and had been having intercourse with her,” he said.
Confirming the incident, a source at the Warri ‘B’ Division where the case was reported, disclosed that one of the wives of the suspect, Grace Akuna, was arrested in connection with the incident.

“The wife has since been released following intervention by an Ijaw monarch, but we are still looking for the man and his son,” the police source added.

In a related development, a 30-year-old man, Inusa Aliyu, has been apprehended by the police for allegedly sleeping with his 14-year-old daughter in Katsina State.

The incident, which occurred in Rafin-Makadi village in Rimi Local Council, was said to have been reported to the police by the girl’s mother, Mariya Inusa.

Spokesman for the Katsina police command, DSP Gambo Isah, who confirmed the incident yesterday, said the man was already in police custody while investigation has begun on the incident.

Mariya allegedly caught her husband in the act one night after the daughter had severally told her of her father’s indecent act.

Aliyu was said to have confessed to the crime during police investigation. He was also said to have engaged in the act on the advice of a herbalist, who assured him that doing so would bring him good luck.

Gambo said the victim informed the mother of the sexual affair with her father, but the mother didn’t believe her story until she caught him having sex with their daughter. She promptly reported the case to the police headquarters in Rimi LGA and he was thereafter arrested.

“The girl was rushed to the General Hospital in Rimi for medical attention. The case has been transferred to the state CID for further investigation,” he said.


There are distinctive Phenomena that define the urgency of the now to effect fundamental changes to the ways and manners that Nigeria is governed.
First, is the unfortunate realization that Nigerian youth in their hundreds -of -thousands have embarked on a journey to uncertainty to the land of developed civilizations of Western Europe. 
These young Nigerians are not keen adventurers. They are not tourists looking for where to unwind and relax so as to reenergize.
These set of Nigerians who have taken the perilous route of navigating the Mediterranean seas through the rapidly collapsing and lawless Libyan Coast, are compelled to migrate to anywhere but Africa where at least they are not exposed to untimely death from a range of freelance armed hoodlums.
These youth from Nigeria specifically are not alone in these journeys to Europe through those irregular routes but are joined by Africans from such war torn and lawless parts in West, East and central Africa.
Collectively, these young Nigerians genuinely seeking asylums not for economic reasons but for the reason that lives are constantly under threats in Nigeria and a large part of West Africa, have been called African boat people. Called them whatever name you want. But one fact that is existentially accurate is that in much of Africa, life has become miserable, uninteresting, threatened, and cheap. 
In Nigeria as well as in large part of Africa life has become so cheap so much so that people gets killed and the killers aren't arrested, prosecuted or punished.
Sadly, the streets of Europe are not paved with gold but those who managed to escape death on high seas and crosses the Rubicon to berth into Europe and especially Italy, have started to get a living from hands -to- mouths. 
These asylum seekers and refugees are experiencing tormenting life time of want, deprivation and poverty. But it is said that necessity is the mother of invention and so amongst the ranks of these refugees have arisen a percentage of them who would rather work menial jobs to put body and soul together than starve to death.
As I write, the British Broadcasting service is airing a special video recording of lots of Nigerian Youth who have stopped begging for their survival in the streets of Italy but have found solace in becoming voluntary street sweepers.
In two quick paragraphs, the British Broadcasting Media summed up the ordeals of these young Nigerians even though the other disturbing trend of trafficking of youngsters for sexual slavery was not mentioned in this specific report.
BBC reports as follows:“Italy has been cracking down on migrants arriving from Libya. This week, three aid agencies have stopped their rescue missions on the Mediterranean route from Libya.”
“97,000 migrants have reached Italy already this year. It’s hard to find a job if you’re in the process of claiming asylum but a group of Nigerians living in a migrant camp in Rome have started a voluntary street sweeping collective. It was founded by Wisdom and Osas, who came up with the idea because they had no money but did not want to beg on the streets.” 
As i said, there are also hundreds of thousands of young Nigerians trafficked into Europe for commercial sexual enslavement. The Nigerian Anti-human trafficking agency (NAPTIP) is too weak and grossly underfunded to check the trend. 
The second phenomenon being discussed here is the rapidly expanding rates of poverty afflicting over one hundred million Nigerians made up largely of young persons who although have managed to go through the unstable but costly public and private school system in Nigeria but can’t find jobs.
This second reality has led to social crimes perpetrated by young persons even as another disturbing trend that is a fall out from the gale of mass poverty sweeping all across Nigeria, is the increasing spread of hate messages, hate crimes and the deliberate misapplication of the security forces by the top hierarchy who are only concerned about defending their political, regional and religious affiliations.
In the current dispensation, the majority of the top echelons  of the security forces are of Hausa/Fulani ethnicity which produced president Muhammadu Buhari.
These skewed and unconstitutional appointments are fueling a lot of distrusts in the society.
However, this large deposit of distrust and discord is used by a certain class of Nigerians to unleash persistent disagreement amongst the largest tribe in Nigeria which remains the poverty stricken millions of Nigerians. 
The absolutely impoverished constitute the largest tribal group in Nigeria but this major tribe are the readymade ragtag army that are deployed by the political elite to unleash violence at opponents so they (ruling elite) can remain in power. 
Few hours back, the Charly boy's led anti- Buhari protesters were hauled with stones and got bloodied by a bunch of hoodlums (from the North) thought to have been procured by Presidency officials to scuttle the protest to force the ailing President Muhammadu Buhari to return to his desk or resign since he has spent over three months in London and a whooping N11 billion of public fund has been spent for his treatment. 
This is even as millions of deprived Nigerians are dying from treatable diseases due to poverty and lack of accessto quality healthcare services in Nigeria. 
Nigeria is now a ruined entity but the casualties are the major tribe of Nigerians identified by me as the absolutely impoverished and deprived. 
Sadly, Nigerians who can be categorised as belonging to the major tribe are now used as canon fodders by the elite to prosecute their wars. 
As I write, Nigeria can best be described as an epicenter of troubling ethno-religious boiling pot of disharmony and discord which are constantly stoked by a tribe of political and economic elites who at best can be described as politico-economic predators. 
These predators play on ethno-religious sentiments to create upheavals even as they always benefit from these social conflicts. But why are the majority being used by the minority to serve the interest of this class of political and economic predators?
The above predators are indeed the tiniest minority since the British colonialists transmitted the baton of political independence in 1960.
But soon after independence, another sinister variant emerged in the garb of the military rulers who wielded political powers for many years before eventually transmitting the baton of political offices to their acolytes called civilian politicians in 1999.
In Nigeria due largely to the overwhelming influence of capitalism and the worship of consumerism, these political and economic predators have successfully  hijacked the apparatuses of governance control; and economic powers meaning that survival within the political space called Nigeria is tied to their apron strings.
The political dominance of this clique started even before the British colonialists but got consolidated soon thereafter. 
However, there comes a time in the development epochs of a nation when there arises the need to take stocks and decide to change the status quo since philosophers say the only thing permanent in life is change. One intellectual power house that can provide the revolutionary tonic to effect the kind of change that can transform the oppressors into living and leading lives of decency is the then Prussian born (present day Getmany) philosopher Mr. Karl Marx. Samuel Enoch Stumpt recorded Karl Marx's profound philosophy in his history book.
A meticulous reading of the writings of Karl Marx tells us that the best way to attain good governance is to retrieve the Country from the hands of predators and hand it over to the people. Marx is eminently qualified to guide us because of the fact that he witnessed excruciating oppression during his days and even on two occasions got expelled from France because of his revolutionary line of thinking. 
In his thinking, Karl Marx reasoned that change means the emergence of new structures, and novel forms. 
He argued that what causes change is simply the quantitative alteration of things, which leads to something qualitatively new. 
For example, as one increases the temperature of water, it not only becomes warmer, but finally reaches the point at which this quantitative change changes water from a liquid into vapor. 
Accordingly, reversing the process by gradually decreasing the temperature of water, one finally changes it from a liquid to a solid, to ice. Similarly, a large pane of glass can be made to vibrate, the range of the vibrations increasing as the quantity of force applied to it is increased. 
For Karl Marx, this is the process that has moved history from the primitive, communal to the slave, and in turn to the feudal and capitalist epochs.
Indeed, Marx’s prediction that the capitalist order would fall was  based upon this notion that the changes in the quantitative factors in capitalism would inevitably destroy capitalism.
With the low key expression of one who was describing how water will turn into steam as the heat is increased, Marx wrote in his capital that “while there is a progressive diminution in the number of capitalist magnates, there is of course a corresponding increase in the mass of poverty, enslavement, degeneration and exploitation, but at the same time a steady intensification of the role of the working class. 
Then “the centralization of the means of production and the socialization of labor reach a point where they are incompatible with their capitalist husk. This burst asunder. The knell of private property sounds.  
This, on the social level, is what Marx describes as the qualitative leap, which is “the leap to a new aggregate state…..where consequently quantity is transformed into quality”.
In effect, the simple interpretation to these scenarios if applied to our peculiar case study is that the major tribe of Nigerians constituting the poor, the deprived, the unemployed, the young, must banish all the trappings of attachments to primordial sentiments of religion or Ethnicity and work collectively to end tjeir enslavement. It's either this liberation movement is waged or we all perished. The tokenism of passing the not too young to govern bill is just a gambit and a bait to hoodwink these persons that constitute the clear majority. Let us repossess our Country now.