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Friday, 14 October 2011


HURIWA is appreciative of the funding assistance for this website awarded to us by the COMMUNITY DEFENSE LAW FOUNDATION (CDLF). The funding support for this site as provided by this group which is for a year, does not however mean that they are in agreement with the contents of our Website. HURIWA is completely responsible for the materials posted.

We hereby appeal to rich Nigerians to make it a point of duty to extend funding assistance to us because we are one hundred percent not-for-profit and our advocacy activities are full time, meaning that we seriously need financial assistance in order to work for the benefit of the Nigerians.

The job of enlightenment of the majority of Nigerians on their fundamental human rights is enormous and financially demanding and the association simply does not have the financial muscles to undertake these noble assignments without funding assistance from right thinking Nigerians and even persons holding public offices.

Our experiences in the last five years show that most financially endowed Nigerians don’t have the habit of donating to human rights oriented organizations. We as a people must help credible organizations to serve the public good/interest of the majority of the people so that the greatest happiness of the greatest number of our citizens is achieved without mass action or violent revolution as is the case with the Arab springs whereby the masses took their destinies in their own hands and used all lawful and even violent means to change the oppressive status quo in their respective homelands. We hope and pray that Nigerians may not be compelled to stage violent revolution in the coming years.

For your donations please do your drafts and Bank cheques in the name of HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA and call us to pick it up from wherever you are in Nigeria or you may oblige us by sending it to our corporate office in Abuja.

Call -07040303030 from the working hours of 9am - 5pm on working days to donate. We give you our word to put your donation to good/qualitative use.


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