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Thursday, 8 September 2011


Most people are often in a state of wonder and shock regarding what constitute those fundamental rights that inhere to them by virtue of the fact that they are humans...well, not to worry, all that you need to know is that your human rights like right to freedom of speech, liberty, right to freedom of movement, freedom of Religion and Conscience, right to dignity of your person and above all your right to life are sacrosanct, inviolable and universal and must be respected within the confines of the RULE OF LAW. Brute force in the enforcement of laws and statutes by law enforcement agents is reprehensible, illegal and unconstitutional...Similarly our right to economic, cultural and social development as human beings are also sacred and ought to be protected because there is absolutely no sense in holding unto the view that right to life is sacred whereas opportunities for self development and health are denied by the powers that be...stand up for your rights because it is right to defend your right as a human being.

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